Our success is directly attributable to the unique value we deliver to clients: we understand the interplay between politics, policy and regulation.

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Advocacy Services

RFA designs and executes innovative government affairs solutions to transcend gridlock. Our team has valuable understanding and insights into the ever-changing Washington landscape.  For over 15 years RFA has been trusted by clients and distinguished itself advising corporations and other organizations on issues of strategic importance in business, policy and politics.  RFA provides a full range of regulatory and legislative services.


Advocating Effectively

RFA is a powerful solution for government relations.  We help clients develop tailored strategies and messages that resonate with decision makers. We constantly work to understand our clients’ businesses and interests and produce long- and short-term strategic plans to help them achieve their objectives. A significant part of our engagement is thoroughly preparing clients for meetings with public officials and their staff – we work to anticipate what questions will be asked and what information is required to help policymakers understand the issues presented to them by our clients. We work to make it as straightforward as possible for policymakers to understand the requests of our clients and move in the direction of their preferred outcomes.

Regulatory Relations

RFA is a leading advisor on regulatory matters.  We have in-depth knowledge and work continuously with key personnel within the Executive Branch and agencies, and we work with clients to establish and/or expand their relationships with regulators. We also know how to leverage the interaction between Congress and the Executive Branch to better understand the complete policy development picture and its impact on clients’ interests.

Legislative Intelligence

RFA works closely and continuously with Members of Congress and influential congressional staff members. Our strategies reflect our substantive issue knowledge and experience, which enable us not to simply provide political intelligence but also to dig below the surface to help clients see around corners and provide the foresight to understand how Congressional action will impact their business.

Building Successful Coalitions

An effective component of attaining our clients’ policy goals is developing robust coalitions in support of those preferred outcomes. We help clients identify and engage with potential coalition partners and ensure policymakers hear a unified voice.

Enhancing the Brand

RFA helps identify and create opportunities with policymakers that develop a strategic advantage for our clients.  This is achieved by executing bespoke strategies that recognize our clients’ unique business models and support their goals. RFA serves as a trusted advisor to some of the most innovative and impactful companies in the world with experience advising technology start-ups and the Fortune 100.