Our success is directly attributable to the unique value we deliver to clients: we understand the interplay between politics, policy and regulation.

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what we do

Advisory Services

RFA offers clients a bespoke advisory experience that helps them better navigate a changing regulatory, legislative and political environment. Our advisory services help clients better understand how policy and political changes impact business strategy and operations. Further, firm resources are available to assist in understanding international and state policy developments. To preview our written deliverables, such as our “State of Play” series, please click here.


Legislative and Regulatory Insight

Performing legislative and regulatory due diligence is essential for all companies operating in today’s rapidly changing environment.  RFA advises clients on strategic matters and regulatory challenges through in-depth assessments of the political and policy implications of pursuing a specific course of action. We then deliver expert advice on how to proceed and ensure that our clients have timely and actionable intelligence on legislative and regulatory developments.  We provide the complete picture so clients understand the full slate of possibilities that could arise from engaging with federal policymakers to further their businesses.

Expert Analysis

Our senior professionals have years of experience analyzing major developments by federal and international policymakers.  Distinguishing our analyses is our ability to intuitively know our clients’ needs – we have worked on Capitol Hill, with diverse regulators, inside Administrations, and have been executives at large global organizations and trade associations. Our team maintains strong relationships with key stakeholders in Washington and our advice is based on an understanding of the challenges and opportunities our clients face.  RFA’s comprehensive experience allows clients to stay ahead in the ever-changing legislative and regulatory landscape.

Policy Development

We help clients develop policy solutions to help their businesses grow.  For some clients, this means removing policy obstacles that are preventing them from offering new products and services to their customers. For others, we help policymakers understand the unintended consequences of proposed actions. Whatever the need, we help our clients navigate the process and find solutions.

Civic and Political Engagement

For many of our clients, engagement with policymakers extends to the local (grassroots) level, and we work with them to determine how best to conduct such campaigns. We also advise clients on political engagement and help them determine how best to deploy resources.

Appearing Before Congress

RFA provides a full suite of preparatory services for congressional hearings and inquiries.  Such services include drafting and perfecting oral and written testimony, developing potential question and answer materials and conducting mock hearings.  Our professionals have honed their skills preparing witnesses for successful appearances in front of Congress.