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June Outlook 2022

June Outlook 2022

Congress returns to Washington this week following the Memorial Day recess and to kick off the two-month sprint before they leave town for the month of August. There are only 24 days that both the House and Senate will collectively be in D.C. before the extended recess (the Senate has 9 additional session days without the House). Not to mention, this is the last long stretch before much of the focus will shift towards the midterm elections. All of that to say, June will be another busy month with several outstanding legislative items still on the table, along with additional new issues to tackle that have sparked from recent events.

As is standard in D.C., one major event can quickly shift the focus for lawmakers and change the trajectory of the expected legislative agenda for the month. In this case, the recent shootings in Texas and Buffalo have reignited a policy debate around gun control – one that often goes
without a resolution. However, there is renewed effort in the Senate to see if there can be a bipartisan agreement on some form of a gun control package (more below). We expect this will be first on the agenda as Congress returns this week. Additionally, the unprecedented, leaked draft opinion suggesting the Supreme Court is poised to overturn Roe v. Wade created quite the uproar in D.C. and across the country last month. The final decision is expected to be released this month. In addition, the House Select Committee on January 6th will present findings in a public hearing later this week. Each of these contentious topics will capture at least some of the attention of lawmakers